Three things you need to know about a soft-landing mission in The Netherlands.

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A soft-landing mission sounds like a major opportunity, but what is it really? And why should you attend a soft-landing mission to The Netherlands? Let’s point out three things you need to know about a soft-landing in The Netherlands!


#1 It’s the perfect introduction to a country you know nothing (or just a little bit) about.

We ride bikes, eat ‘stroopwafels’ and we love technology. The Netherlands is one of the best countries in Europe for technology. We do not only love technology, we’re also not afraid to try new things. Perfect for soft-landing startups and scaleups that are looking for a place to expand their business.

During a soft-landing mission you will get the best introduction to a country you know nothing about. We will introduce you to our governmental system, how to start a business here, taxes, housing, rules & regulations and other do’s and don’ts. Basically we’re informing you about everything you should know when planning to expand to The Netherlands, why you should (or shouldn’t) land in our country and ways to grow.

This way you will be perfectly prepared to conquer the Dutch market once you’re here.


#2 You will get to meet & greet with some of the most interesting people in the Dutch ecosystem.

Of course you want to meet the most interesting people in the business once you’re here! Good for you, we know a lot of them. That’s why we are connecting you with some of the most inspirational people in technology in The Netherlands. Influencers, investors, ecosystem builders, entrepreneurs and mentors. Some who’ve already passed the startup and scaleup stage and some who work (or have worked) for large multinationals.

For us it’s important to help you connect with these local heroes once you’re here, since a network is very important to have, but not something you directly will have once arriving in a new environment. This way you will leave a soft-landing mission with new, relevant and useful connections for the future!


#3 Regular visits to startup workspaces and inspiring companies.

Of course we will not keep you in one place, since there’s lots of stuff to see and explore in The Netherlands. During our soft-landing mission we will visit different companies and startup hubs to show you the diversity in the startup ecosystem. We will visit The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam and check out the offices of some multinationals.

After a soft-landing mission you will have a good overview of what it takes to expand your business to The Netherlands. Besides that, you will have new connections with local influencers, investors and companies. The perfect first ‘touchdown’, before your big move here!


Would you like to attend our FinTech Soft-Landing Mission to The Netherlands from the 22nd – 26th of April 2019? You can still apply for a spot until the 10th of March!

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